Phil Cubeta’s House Rules

For Our Guests in Phil’s Virtual Home

  • Please come prepared, if pre-work is suggested in the invitation
  • Listen to understand, not to object or win an argument
  • Speak truth in kindness
  • Attack positions, not persons
  • Avoid ad hominins (attacking an idea by attacking the kind of person who holds it)
  • Seek to understand before seeking to be understood
  • If triggered, ask forgiveness
  • Forgive as you hope to be forgiven
  • Respect confidences
  • Forgive our dog, Lucy, if she barks during our call

For Phil as Host

  • To create a welcoming space for thoughtful differences of opinion
  • To welcome all professions and identities who come in civic friendship to achieve shared understanding with an eye to public benefit
  • To “hold the space” and cordially disinvite any who might disrupt the well-being of the group.

Good Manners for Participants after Our Gathering

  • Please don’t quote our conversations with attribution of specific views to specific participants unless you ask permission from that participant first.
  • In other words, respect confidences and don’t embarrass anyone by quoting out of context and without permission.