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Welcome to The Legacy Home Run initiative for Closely-held Business owners

The Opportunity

An entire generation of us, the Boomers, are entering our legacy planning years. Trillions will be passing to our heirs and/or the nonprofits we support. Everyone, it seems, has their own ideas about what we should do with our wealth. 

You decide! You decide what your legacy home run will be. You decide who will help you plan it. And you decide what nonprofits, if any, will be involved as your partner in this work. 

The Legacy Home Run Initiative

I have trained over 2,000 leading advisors and fundraisers as Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy. What I have learned in the process is that you - not the advisors, not the fundraisers - have to step up to the plate and define what counts as home run for you.

In the Legacy Home Run initiative, currently offered by invitation only, I am educating closely-held business owners how to hit their home run on their own terms by providing needed leadership to advisors and fundraisers. 

I am also, of course, encouraging and educating advisors and fundraisers how to treat high capacity donor/clients like you. 

I do not provide consulting. I do not sell financial products. I sell only courses. It is my passion and my pleasure. It is best way I know to make a larger difference in the world. 

Thank you for all you are doing for the benefit of your family, your company, and the community. 

Phil Cubeta, CLU, ChFC. MSFS, AEP, CAP