Welcome to my house on the net

Conversations with friends 

At my house on the net, I meet with friends and former students to discuss philanthropy, social finance, nonprofit gift planning and what we are called to do in these challenging times for our own organizations and for those we serve.  

From Conversations to Courses to Community 


We come together to discuss some of the most important issues in the field

We share our common challenges and uncommon solutions


Phil consolidates our insights into courses here and at The American College of Financial Services

Our best practices spread to uplift the field

Community of Practice

We evolve into a community of practice

We advance the greater good of those we serve

Conversations and courses in progress

Moments of Truth: Conducting the Conversation of Philanthropy in Contentious Times

We all do values-based planning but what happens when our values and those of the client or donor clash? What our ethical obligations to ourselves, our organization, and our client or donor? What can we learn from moments of truth faced by other philanthropic advisors? Please join us to share your experiences. 


The Spectrum of Legacies 30 Day Action Challenge

Mark Weber's A Spectrum of Legacies is now out in a new edition. The American College of Financial Services has turned it into a wonderful course for donors and clients. I will be working with the College to offer a 30 Day Action Challenge for Advisors and a 30 Day Action Challenge for Nonprofit Gift Planners to help you use the course to advance your work with clients and donors. 


Aligning Soul and Role in Nonprofit Gift Planning

Are you suffering from this tension? What hope can you share with others? 

Adding Philanthropy to your Practice (Profitably) 

Many organizations give away philanthropic consulting as a "value-add." Where, and how, can you complete? Or is this all about giving back? 

Who is invited?

  • CAP students and CAP grads
  • Friends of philanthropy
  • Colleagues
  • Those Phil has personally invited 

There is no cost to join. Bring your best self. Share and share alike.