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Private Conversations of Public Importance

"Value Proposition"

Those admitted comprise a philanthropic "pathbreakers group." Some of us are established field leaders. Others are rising stars.  Out of our participatory action network come uncommon solutions to common challenges. For those in a pathbreakers group, money does not change hands. You understand that I am mining these conversations for future courses, presentations, and best practices. I encourage you to do the same. 

Please join us

Conversations in Process

These are among the pathbreaking topics we are discussing, or will soon discuss. 

  • Conducting the Conversations of Philanthropy in Polarized Times 
  • Helping Clients and Donors Hit their Legacy Home Run
  • Others that You Propose


  • Small group conversations by Zoom. 
  • Pre-work may be assigned.
  • The conversations lead to action, interaction, and shared sense-making.
  • That sense-making document may then evolve into a presentation course, or training protocol that is shared more widely.

Evolving a Participatory Action Network

We hope to create a diverse community of practice for the betterment of the field, our clients and donors, community, and country. 

Stage: In Formation

This project grows out of an established program, Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy.

Here at my house, we are going beyond obtaining a designation to creating a hive mind, addressing field challenges, and getting things done. 

We are in the formation stage. That is why we call is a "pathbreakers group."

House Rules

  • Here, at my house, we hold reflective conversations across our disciplines and differences.  We treat each other with respect.

Please join us if you fit the professional profile, embrace diversity of identity and ideas, and accept our house rules

Please join us

As The Wallace Chair In Philanthropy at The American College, I am responsible for the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP) program. In that role I have trained over 2,000 financial advisors and nonprofit gift planners long distance, leaving me feeling a bit isolated. I would like to open my virtual home on the web for small groups of thoughtful people, including current and former students, to discuss some of the most burning issues in giving. Quiet conversations among friends across our differences may be the best hope this country has for a vibrant democracy.