Announcing Private Conversations
of Public Importance 

I am hosting a series of private conversations on topics of public importance. These are small group conversations via Zoom with field leaders whose wisdom can guide us in changing times. The insights gleaned from these gatherings, suitably anonymized, will be shared with a larger audience. 

Be aware these conversations are over-subscribed. I reserve the right to invite those I feel will best round out a particular group. If you cannot get in, I will email you a “briefing” on the wisdom that has come from the convening. So, you will be part of a larger conversation.  

Topic for November 2020

Values Based Planning for Clients and Donors

Yes, we all want to be donor or client centered, and we all want to be values-based, but what happens when your client’s values and your values are right angles? Have you ever felt you were doing the wrong thing in helping the client achieve their vision of a better world? 

Who is this for?

Financial advisors, philanthropic consultants, and nonprofit gift planners


Time and date

Your Host

As The Wallace Chair In Philanthropy at The American College, I am responsible for the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP) program. In that role have trained nearly 2,000 financial advisors and nonprofit gift planners long distance, leaving me feeling a bit isolated. I would like to open my virtual home on the web for small groups of thoughtful people, including current and former students, to discuss some of the most burning issues in giving. Space at my virtual home is limited, so I can only invite about 15 per Zoom session.