Resources for Reflective Legacy Planning

A book by a friend and colleague, Mark Weber, Esquire, a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy. The book is a kind insider’s gift to those of you who are planning your legacy. Mark knows what it takes to do it right, and he is giving you the tools to control the process so your planning responds to life and love.

The life part

Time gets away from us. Who are you now at this point in your life? What have you done; what remains to be done? And what will continue when you are not here? Questions like these only you can answer. It helps to have a confidante or a friend. But in the words of Woody Guthrie:

There’s a little black train a-comin’
Comin’ down the track
You gotta ride that little black train,
But it ain’t a gonna bring you back.…

Life ends; love does not.  The choices we make and things we do keep love alive.

The love part with your “kitchen cabinet”

Fill out the worksheets at the kitchen table, where you speak with those you love, in the language of love. You may be wearing a bathrobe and bunny slippers. If married, share and debate the worksheets until you feel they are “good enough for now.”

The legacy planning part at the advisors’ planning table

Those coffee stained worksheets will then guide the process at the planning table where advisors sit in dark suits, speaking the language of law and money.

Go here to order the book, or to simply download the free worksheets.